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Education plays a central role in social mobility, and one’s ZIP code should  not determine the quality of education or one’s level of education.

Nina believes we need reform at all levels of education, from pre-K right up to college including establishing a robust vocational track. We need to offer universal pre-K to our youngest Pennsylvanians. In Philadelphia, we were able to achieve this, and Nina knows that we can make it happen statewide.

In elementary and secondary education, we are spending too much money for negative results. We need to move away from “learning to the test” mode of education to allow teachers to innovate for their students and engage in project based learning. We must also end for-profit charters and ensure that no student fails to move past secondary ed because they can’t afford the necessary testing.

Pennsylvania ranks 47th in the nation for state-funded higher education investments. In order to compete on the global stage, Pennsylvanians need  affordable access to post‐secondary  education. Nina believes we need make college debt-free, and make all 14 of the Commonwealth’s public community colleges free.

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