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We need to undo the impact of the enormous tax cuts Congress just passed and shift more of the burden to the 1% who are benefiting from this economy. Nina is in agreement with Governor Wolf in support of corporate tax reform to close the notorious “Delaware Loophole” that has long allowed 71% of multi-state and multinational corporations that operate in Pennsylvania to avoid paying in-state taxes. She also advocates for a “severance” tax on natural gas drilling.

We also need to increase our minimum wage to $15/hour to give an instant raise to the most vulnerable in our economy. Our workers also need predictable work schedules. It is primarily low wage workers (who are mostly women of color) who bear the brunt of such “just-in-time scheduling practices”. they cannot create their own budgets, since they cannot predict their hours or pay from day to day. It is hard to schedule schooling or care for children or family, secure a second job, or qualify for promotions to full-time employment.

To grow jobs, the commonwealth needs a global focus and a local plan. We need to reverse this tax plan that further helps the top and hurts the bottom. We need to connect business leaders with communities that have a lot to offer but have received little attention. Nina raised these issues in her role as Deputy Mayor, and she will certainly do it as Lieutenant Governor.

Nina has seen how this can work. Philadelphia has a growing biotech industry, and while these high-tech jobs might seem out of reach for many without advanced degrees, Nina knows that if we create pipelines to work for people with a high school diploma. She did it in her labs, and she’s ready to prove it’s possible on a bigger scale. We need to invest in the jobs that are both sustainable in the long-term and family sustaining.

And while a select few areas of Pennsylvania are thriving, too many are not. This has resulted in the concentration of wealth in a few places, which has rapidly increased the cost of living there. The result is that low-to-middle income people are being pushed away from the transit systems necessary to maintain their jobs and out of neighborhoods where they had always lived. To combat this, Nina would fight to reverse the decades of cuts we have seen to housing budgets and work with state and local leaders to mandate affordable housing in any larger developments. She will also work to make sure funding of the transit systems and alternative transportation systems is increased.

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