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For far too long in this country, we have had an unequal system of justice. When it primarily affected communities of color, drug addiction was treated without mercy, and addicts were met with punishment instead of treatment. These communities were devastated by a school-to-prison pipeline that took juveniles out of classrooms for minor offenses, then forced them into cycles of poverty and prison.

Nina Ahmad knows we need to change the system if we’re ever going to achieve true equality.

She believes we need to end the “war on drugs,” stop-and-frisk, and other policies that have been designed to push people of color into jail. We need to provide an alternative to prison for non-violent crimes, eliminate mandatory minimums, take on the school-to-prison pipeline and take sensible steps to reduce criminal activities like restoring the legal sale of marijuana.

Nina opposes the death penalty in all cases. She categorically opposes the use of for-profit prisons, and she believes we need to eliminate cash bail all but the most heinous of circumstances. It will also be critical to review why there is such a high probation recidivism rate resulting in further incarceration.

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